Thorpe Acre 2000: The Project Group

The project has been initiated, managed and supported by local residents who, in February 1997, formed a steering group. Later that year Thorpe Acre 2000 was formed with an agreed constitution. All our meetings are well advertised locally, thanks to local newspapers who have been most supportive. The Committee currently comprises:
Chair: Roy Campsall
Vice Chair:Bert Dodd
Secretary: Max Hunt
Treasurer: Lynne Atkinson.
Meetings are currently planned for the second Tuesday of each month, except August and December. These take place in Thorpe Acre Parish Church Hall, or annexe.
Roy Campsall, Lynne Atkinson and (LUSAD sculptor) Will Nossiter prepare a plinth for Will's work
Further details of meetings or participation can be obtained from:

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Last updated June 2002