Thorpe Acre 2000: Mosaic & Art

including the Thorpe Acre 2000 Mosaic by Peter Massey

with children from Thorpe Acre Junior School
and five works by: Will Nossiter, Christina Purnell, Alison Holloway and Sadie Rolling

The landmark piece is Peter Massey's Millennium mosaic. This stands on a sloping brick plinth between 1 metre and 30 cms high, and approximately 1 metre by 2 metres in size. Inside is a time capsule made by children of Thorpe Acre Junior School. Here is an early sketch, prepared by Peter Massey.
This was the plan: Thorpe Acre Mosaic, sketch by the artist, Peter Massey And the reality:

An exhibition was held in March 1999 of the following work from Loughborough University School of Art and Design students' work:

Stone sculture in montage on Kenilworth Avenue The finished work

This is a mock or montage of Will Nossiter's stone sculture, called 'Change'. It stands about 4 foot six high of grey Clipsham stone and shows an interlocking patchwork which is very tactile. It fits easily into the landscape and built environment.

"Change" in the workshop
Here it is in the workshop
  Close up!
... and again.

Christina Purnell has carved a stone which sits above the Black Brook near Hailey Avenue. It collects water in a bowl. Water streams down the sides when it overflows.   Stream Stone
Alison Holloway has designed four "Scrawny Parrots in a Tree". We expect the parrots to be set on a telepole near Buckingham Drive Bridge.   Scrawny Parrots

Sadie Rolling has created Hagapuntus, a wierd creature with its head in the sand and made out of stone and bronze. It will be sited near Stonebow Bridge.

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