Thorpe Acre 2000: Health

Walking can:

  • keep your heart strong
  • improve your muscle and bone strendth
  • help to manage your weight
  • make you feel good

But above all, walking can be fun.

One of the serious objectives of the scheme is to make it easier and more interesting for people to enjoy the fresh air and health advantages of walking. Many people in the 50's and 60's and beyond can remain healthier for much longer by taking daily exercise. We are being encouraged by Leics Health Authority to do all be can in this part of the project. Walking is the simplest, safest and one of the most effective forms of physical activity. Health experts recommend that every adult should accumulate at least 30 minutes of physical activity on five days of the week.
Walking the way to health
You may want to time yourself and on future walks see if you can cover the same distance at a slightly quicker pace. In this way you will be improving your fitness level.


Km Miles

Millennium Mosaic


All Saints Church


The Plough Inn


Old White Bridge


Gorse Cover Community Centre


Jubilee Park (New White Bridge)


Buckingham Drive Bridge


Mount Grace Road Bridge


Stonebow Washlands


Stonebow Bridge


Garendon Lane


Coe Avenue/Garendon Lane


Kenilworth Drive Sculpture


Millennium Mosaic


A safer neighbourhood!

Another important aspect of this project will help protect us against crime and social evils, like vandalism. The more we, particularly as parents and or grandparents, are out and about the safer we are from crime and the fear of crime. The more we that get to know our neighbours or simply just recognise each other, the more likely we are to identify strangers and the more secure we are.

You'll see this is a big emphasis on our printed and audio information. More details from: max hunt cc@ gmail,com

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Last updated June 2020