The Thorpe Acre Village Sign

a year after the Trail was completed we were awarded a County Council Grant of 3,000 and a further grant of 688 from the Hanson Environment Trust to erect a village sign on Thorpe Acre Green between the shops and the Church.

It was suggested that we ask the Delisle Estate if they could donate an oak out of which a post could be carved. They agreed.

The sign was unveiled by the late Mr Arnold Taylor of Wordsworth Road and the Chair of Leicestershire County Council on Saturday 3rd March 2001. The sign itself was designed by local residents during Autumn and Winter 2000, under the guidance of Leicester artist, Roger Hutchinson who also worked on designs with Thorpe Acre Junior School children. The woodwork is of course English Oak, cut from nearby Garendon Park, and the sign itself of specially hardened, painted tiles.

Unfortunately over the first two years there was a considerable amount of wear on the tiles and Roger agreed that the panels should be replaced. The design is therefore slightly differenty from original designs. See if you can spot which came first.
Original design Original design
Second design Second design
Thanks to our sponsors Thanks to our sponsors

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