Finger Posts on the Thorpe Acre Trail

Finger Posts on the Trail

"Thorpe Acre Trail" and on the reverse:

The journey of a thousand miles
begins with a single step
Kenilworth Ave/
Knightthorpe Rd
Meditation here
may think down hours to moments
Opposite the Church on
Thorpe Acre Rd
Who follows others' every stride,
is sure to sway from side to side
Opposite the pub on Thorpe Acre Rd/ White Bridge Way
If traffic is coming let it pass
Look all around again (Green Cross Code)
White Bridge Way/
Sandringham Drive
Anywhere is walking distance,
if you've got the time
Opposite Morrisons
Blackbrook Way
These boots were made for walking And that's exactly what they'll do.
Nancy Sinatra
Jubilee Park/
Blackbrook Way
She walks in beauty,
like the night. Byron (refers to the brook)
Buckingham Drive/
Blackbrook Way
A: "Will you walk a little faster?"
said a whiting to a snail.
(Walrus & the Carpenter, Lewis Carrol)
Blackbrook Way/
MountGrace Rd
The Gracehopper
was always jigging a jog.
James Joyce (who made up words, which sounded right)
MountGrace Rd/
Stonebow Bridge
The wandering Dong
through the forest goes! Edward Lear
Stonebow Bridge/
Garendon Lane
A walk on the wild side
And did those feet in ancient time. Wm Blake
Garendon Lane/
Coe Avenue
One day in the country
is worth a month in town
Coe Avenue/

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Last updated June 2020